Brewing Craft Saké and Beer in San Marcos California



Our tasting rooms are closed for two weeks. We've got things to fix and production to ramp up. Tasting rooms will be back open on the 25th of June!

Sidecar Saké Dry and Semi-Sweet Styles
ABV 19.0%, 16%
Junmai Gingo (fresh unpasteurized saké from polished rice) – dry and semi-sweet, hand-pressed, served clear or cloudy in 5 oz. glasses.

Deep Thought Porter
ABV 7.0%
Brewed with Cali-ale yeast and Black Barley, plenty of body in this one.

Kuracali Mellow Brown Ale
ABV 6.0%
Half-way to porter, this Brown is Deep Thought's not so little brother.

Captain of Industry
ABV 9.0%
A strong Belgian Ale on Nitro.

Kuracali Fizzy Yellow Beer
ABV 4.0%
A blonde colored ale from Kuracali with more hops than we usually use.

Raconteur Wine Barrel Porter
ABV 7.0%
A malt-heavy porter aged in a red wine barrel. While it lasts…

Rattlesnake Rye
ABV 6.5%
Also with a bit more hops and the roasted barley we love using here.



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